Adelaide Zoo
Giant Panda sits on a rock with two enrichment boxes. One box is yellow and one is black and white.

Gather Round at Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo is the go-to for a fun activity during Gather Round! Footy fever has taken over Adelaide Zoo for the AFL Gather Round! Keepers and the BEEZA volunteer team have been busy combining footy with the enrichment program at…

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Two otters eat frozen ice cube in pool

Animals Stay Zoo-per Cool at the Zoo

As the hot weather set in across the state today, Adelaide Zoo’s keepers were busy keeping the animals cool and refreshed. Keepers prepared icy treats, cool baths and provided plenty of fresh water to help the furry, feathered and scaly…

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Matumi the giraffe turned one today. Keepers presented him with an ice cake made of smashed carrots and topped with greens.

Tall order as giraffe turns one

Keepers at Adelaide Zoo have stuck their necks out for giraffe calf Matumi on his first birthday. Matumi and fellow giraffe Kimya (19) and Nolean (4) received an enrichment ice cake made by keeper Elise Maurer, Senior Keeper of Ungulates…

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Three hands with dental tools work on Mandrill's teeth.

Double Dental Day for Mandrills!

Here’s some news to sink your teeth into – Adelaide Zoo’s Mandrills have had a special trip to the dentist. Adelaide Zoo’s Mandrill, Tabah, was first in line to see veterinary dentist Dr David Clarke at the zoo’s Animal Health Centre….

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Black-and-white Colobus adult with infant clinging to chest. Infant is completely white.

Black-and-white Colobus Birth

Adelaide Zoo is thrilled to announce the pitter patter of paws has grown with a special new arrival. On Monday 27 November a Black-and-white Colobus was born. Senior Keeper of Primates at Adelaide Zoo, Pij Olijnyk, said mum Zamba and…

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Photo of giraffe with text wild wrap up overlayed

Wild Wrap-up!

So, Spotify’s global artist racked up 26.1 billion global streams this year. We see you Taylor Swift and we raise you – our Wild Wrap Up! We’ve connected thousands of people with nature, welcomed hundreds of special babies to the…

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Volunteers handing out treats to guests at Boo at the Zoo

Volunteer at Boo at the Zoo

Our Boo at the Zoo Halloween event is rapidly approaching! We are looking for a team of volunteers to help serve treats – not tricks – to our spooktacular guests! Work alongside our team of dedicated volunteers and staff to…

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Primates make a perfect catch for Pij

The ninth International Zookeeper Day is held on Wednesday October 4 in honour of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Zookeeper Day celebrates the people who make it their life’s work to care for animals, whether at…

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Wild times for Adelaide Zoo’s 140th birthday

Adelaide Zoo has celebrated its 140th birthday with a wild party for visitors. While the species at the zoo scavenged, scurried and scarpered amongst special birthday-themed enrichment, including a replica of the elephant house and large 140 numbers, zoo-goers were treated…

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Bundles of Easter joy at Zoos SA

The Easter Bilby has visited the furry, feathered and scaly residents at Zoo SA to bring some special treats to celebrate the long weekend. Along with colourful Easter enrichment items created by Zoos SA’s Behaviour and Environmental Enrichment of Zoo…

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Turtlely awesome tale of teamwork

Wildlife organisations come together to rescue Green Turtle A very spe-shell visitor has popped into Adelaide Zoo for some rest and recuperation. Last week, teams from Zoos SA, the Department for Environment and Water, the Wildlife Welfare Organisation SA Inc….

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Giraffe reaching down to nuzzle with smaller giraffe calf at Adelaide Zoo giraffe yard

Giraffe calf gets his name

Meet Matumi! Adelaide Zoo’s leggy seven-week-old giraffe calf has been given the perfect moniker thanks to a public naming competition. The little calf made his official debut out and about at Adelaide Zoo today, where Assistant Curator of Ungulates and…

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