Early surprise for a rare little tortoise

Our reptile team received an early surprise at the start of the month with the first Western Swamp Tortoise for the season hatching – months before their usual hatch season! Hatching on 1 February, the tiny tortoise surprised keepers, who…

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Fu Ni experiences pseudo pregnancy

Based on hormone tests and behavioural observations, the window has now passed during which time Adelaide Zoo’s Giant Panda Fu Ni would have given birth. Late last week, Fu Ni’s urinary progesterone level – a hormone associated with pregnancy –…

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Meet Willow the Blackbuck!

There’s a gorgeous new face at Adelaide Zoo: Willow the adorable Blackbuck calf! Born on 6 November last year, two-month-old Willow is busy learning the business of being a Blackbuck and delighting keepers with her playful antics. As a growing…

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Meerkat triplets!

It seems three’s a charm for our ever-growing Meerkat mob, with Minie and Swazi welcoming their third littler for 2017  – triplets! Born on Christmas Eve, the week-old pups are the third litter born to parents Minie and Swazi. In…

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Saving our gentle giants

Experts are calling it the silent extinction. Kimya and Dharba at Adelaide Zoo As the world’s tallest animal, and easily one of the most recognisable around the globe, it’s hard to fathom that we could be losing giraffe right before…

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Spring has sprung at Adelaide Zoo

‘Awwws’ are ringing loud and clear around Adelaide Zoo with lots of new faces joining the family last month! With the pitter-patter of little feet all over the zoo, Adelaide Zoo turned into a maternity ward with lots of adorable…

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Paws crossed for a Giant Panda cub

After three successful artificial insemination procedures, Wang Wang and Fu Ni have a better chance than ever of becoming parents. Adelaide Zoo veterinarians and keepers have been busy over the past four days supporting Wang Wang and Fu Ni during…

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Giant Panda breeding season imminent

Spring is in the air and all signs indicate Adelaide Zoo’s Giant Pandas are close to entering their annual breeding season. Adelaide Zoo’s veterinary and keeping teams are finalising preparations as physiological and behavioural signs show Wang Wang and Fu…

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Giant Panda Fu Ni enjoys her paper mache cake!

An epic panda party for Wang Wang and Fu Ni!

It’s panda party time at Adelaide Zoo as we celebrate the birthdays of Wang Wang and Fu Ni! Today, Australia’s only Giant Pandas will be treated to an epic birthday bash, complete with birthday cakes, presents, decorations and Wang Wang’s…

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Meet Truffles the Brush-tailed Bettong

Once found across much of mainland South Australia, predation by feral animals saw the wild Brush-tailed Bettong population restricted to three populations in south-west Western Australia in the 1970s. As a conservation charity, we’re proud to be doing our part to secure…

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Adelaide Zoo Farewells Susie

Adelaide Zoo is celebrating the life of Susie, the oldest female hippo currently on record in the world. The difficult decision was made to humanely put Susie to sleep on Thursday, 20 July, as she had a number of significant…

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Farewelling Australia’s last sloth

Adelaide Zoo is celebrating the life of one of its most iconic and oldest residents, Australia’s last sloth, Miss C the Hoffmann’s Two-toed Sloth. The difficult decision was made to humanely put Miss C to sleep late on Friday, 2…

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It’s time to rethink the modern zoo

What do the Pygmy Blue-Tongue Lizard, Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby and Przewalski’s Horse all have in common? Well, for one thing they’ve all been on the brink of extinction; for another, they very likely wouldn’t be around today if not for the…

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Western Swamp Tortoise breeding success

Hope for a tiny tortoise

Adelaide Zoo is celebrating a successful breeding season for the critically endangered Western Swamp Tortoise, with four hatchlings joining the family this year! Hatching at Adelaide Zoo over the last three months, these tiny tortoises will play an important role…

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Volunteering at Adelaide Zoo

It takes a very special kind of person to dedicate time and energy to a cause they’re passionate about, and amazing volunteer guide Shelley Tozer is one of them! Shelley does a brilliant job teaching people, young and old, about…

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Celebrating our volunteers

Happy National Volunteer Week! We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the incredible volunteers who help us here at Adelaide Zoo. From making enrichment items for our animals to enjoy, to guiding and inspiring our visitors,…

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Meet our Zooperstar

 Meet Paige, our amazing Zooperstar! Earlier this year, Paige won the inaugural Zoos SA Zooperstar competition which was searching for a young animal lover to be the face of Adelaide and Monarto Zoo. Last week, Paige spent the day exploring…

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Largest ever release of Regent Honeyeaters

The wild population of Regent Honeyeaters has received a big boost thanks to the largest ever release of honeyeaters into the wild. Over the past 10 days, around 70 zoo-bred birds were released in Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park to bolster…

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Giant Panda Fu Ni experiences pseudo labour

Based on hormone tests and behavioural observations, the window has now passed during which time Adelaide Zoo’s Giant Panda Fu Ni would be expected to have given birth. Late last week, Fu Ni’s urinary progesterone level – a hormone associated…

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Meet Tinka, our bouncing baby Greater Bilby

What’s tiny, totally adorable and has big ears? Adelaide Zoo’s newest family member! Three-month-old Tinka is one of 10 bilbies to be born at Adelaide and Monarto Zoos over the past year as part of a national conservation management program. The…

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Heartbreaking news from Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo is mourning the loss of our beloved 34-year-old Sumatran Orangutan Karta, who tragically passed away last night. Karta went into labour at around 6pm last night and gave birth to what is believed to be a stillborn infant….

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Health check for African Lion Mujambi

Today, Adelaide Zoo’s veterinary team performed a general health check on 11-year-old African Lion Mujambi. The health check was performed under general anaesthetic in the Animal Health Centre and allowed the veterinary team to get up-close to the apex-predator. Adelaide Zoo…

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A gorgeous gibbon baby for Adelaide Zoo!

Christmas has come early at Adelaide Zoo with the arrival of a critically endangered White-cheeked Gibbon baby! Born in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, 10 December, the three-day old infant is the fourth offspring born to parents Viet…

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Say hello to our newest miniature marsupial

Adelaide Zoo has welcomed a miniature marsupial to the wild family! At four and a half months old, Geronimo the Squirrel Glider joey weighs just 195 grams, but isn’t far off being fully grown! The pint-sized possum is destined to become an important ambassador for…

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A bouncing baby baboon!

Adelaide Zoo is a buzz with excitement as we welcome a bouncing baby Hamadryas Baboon to our wild family. Born in the early hours of Thursday, 27 October, the six-day-old infant is the second offspring born to parents Chappi and…

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New feathered friends at Adelaide Zoo

Some new feathered-friends have joined the Adelaide Zoo family, with the hatching of two adorable Black-winged Stilt Chicks. Bird Keeper Emma Macchia has been busily caring for the new arrivals, which hatched mid-September. Raising the chicks was no small feat,…

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Gibbon - K Maunder

Gibbon family to grow!

We’re excited to let everyone know that very soon, we’ll be welcoming another adorable White-cheeked Gibbon to the Adelaide Zoo family! Experienced parents Viet and Rhemus are expecting their third offspring in late November to early December. Critically endangered in…

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Congratulations to our Chief Executive Elaine Bensted on receiving the #telstrabizwomen 'for purpose and social enterprise' award tonight.

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