Heartbreaking news from Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo is mourning the loss of our beloved 34-year-old Sumatran Orangutan Karta, who tragically passed away last night. Karta went into labour at around 6pm last night and gave birth to what is believed to be a stillborn infant….

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Bilby 1 18th Jan 2017

Meet Tinka, our bouncing baby Greater Bilby

What’s tiny, totally adorable and has big ears? Adelaide Zoo’s newest family member! Three-month-old Tinka is one of 10 bilbies to be born at Adelaide and Monarto Zoos over the past year as part of a national conservation management program. The…

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Hi, I'm Mujambi

Health check for African Lion Mujambi

Today, Adelaide Zoo’s veterinary team performed a general health check on 11-year-old African Lion Mujambi. The health check was performed under general anaesthetic in the Animal Health Centre and allowed the veterinary team to get up-close to the apex-predator. Adelaide Zoo…

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A gorgeous gibbon baby for Adelaide Zoo!

Christmas has come early at Adelaide Zoo with the arrival of a critically endangered White-cheeked Gibbon baby! Born in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, 10 December, the three-day old infant is the fourth offspring born to parents Viet…

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Say hello to our newest miniature marsupial

Adelaide Zoo has welcomed a miniature marsupial to the wild family! At four and a half months old, Geronimo the Squirrel Glider joey weighs just 195 grams, but isn’t far off being fully grown! The pint-sized possum is destined to become an important ambassador for…

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A bouncing baby baboon!

Adelaide Zoo is a buzz with excitement as we welcome a bouncing baby Hamadryas Baboon to our wild family. Born in the early hours of Thursday, 27 October, the six-day-old infant is the second offspring born to parents Chappi and…

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New feathered friends at Adelaide Zoo

Some new feathered-friends have joined the Adelaide Zoo family, with the hatching of two adorable Black-winged Stilt Chicks. Bird Keeper Emma Macchia has been busily caring for the new arrivals, which hatched mid-September. Raising the chicks was no small feat,…

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Gibbon - K Maunder

Gibbon family to grow!

We’re excited to let everyone know that very soon, we’ll be welcoming another adorable White-cheeked Gibbon to the Adelaide Zoo family! Experienced parents Viet and Rhemus are expecting their third offspring in late November to early December. Critically endangered in…

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Meet our golden child

What’s tiny, golden, fluffy, and totally adorable? The newest addition to the Adelaide Zoo family, a baby Golden Lion-tamarin! Born to proud parents Rio and Aurora on Thursday, 13 October, the yet to be named baby’s routine consists of sleeping…

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Saving the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby

Two decades ago, Zoos SA embarked on a historic journey to bring the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby back to the wilds of Australia. Facing extinction in the wild, in 1994 we began a captive breeding and reintroduction program to prevent the decline…

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Panda 2

Fingers crossed for panda cub

Adelaide Zoo keepers and veterinarians have been busy over the past four days supporting Wang Wang and Fu Ni during their short, yearly reproductive window. Giant Panda reproductive specialist Mr Li of the China Conservation and Research Centre for the…

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Keeping an eye on our animals

Ever wondered how we keep our animals’ eyes in tip-top shape? A specialist eye vet, also known as an Opthalmologist, visits Adelaide and Monarto Zoo regularly to undertake routine eye checks on a range of animals, as well as treating…

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Giant Panda breeding season imminent

Behavioural and physiological signs indicate Adelaide Zoo’s Giant Pandas are within days of the annual breeding season, as keeping and veterinary staff finalise preparations. This year marks the third genuine attempt at breeding for Wang Wang and Fu Ni, and…

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Luna takes the limelight

Our iconic free-flight show has a new star, Luna, our stunning Eclectus Parrot. Last month, Luna joined the show with veteran star Manu, the Blue and Gold Macaw. The three-year-old parrot is one of the very few of her species appearing in…

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Kluet 3

Kluet the orangutan releases debut single

There’s a new big name on the Adelaide music scene, and he’s sure to have fans going ape! Today, Kluet, Adelaide Zoo’s Sumatran Orangutan, releases his debut single to mark World Orangutan Day. The music industry has been abuzz with…

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Special health check for our golden girl

Today, our oldest Sumatran Tiger, Kemiri, received a special health check. Entering her golden years, Kemiri, a 21-year-old Sumatran tiger, was put under general anaesthetic at our Animal Health Centre today. Life expectancy for Sumatran Tigers in the wild is…

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Green tree frog

It’s raining frogs!

The sound of little croaks is ringing out through Adelaide Zoo as we welcome more than 30 Splendid Tree Frogs to the family. Our female Splendid Tree Frog laid about 300 little eggs which began to hatch into tadpoles on…

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Pokémon GO takes over Adelaide Zoo

More than 100 new species – of the virtual variety – have moved into Adelaide Zoo.  As Pokémon GO fever takes over Adelaide, fans of the game have an exciting place to expand their Pokédex. To help Pokémon trainers ‘catch…

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Obi the Pygmy Hippo turns one!

Hip hip hooray! Today, Adelaide Zoo is celebrating a very special birthday. One of the newest, and arguably cutest, members of our Zoo family, Obi the Pygmy Hippo, is turning one! To mark this special milestone, keepers are throwing Obi…

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Brutus turns 51

Australia’s oldest hippo, Brutus, turns 51!

Today, Adelaide Zoo celebrated a very special birthday. Our handsome Nile Hippopotamus Brutus, one of our oldest and most iconic residents, turned 51! Keepers spoilt the birthday boy with a special watermelon cake filled with his favourite treats, complete with…

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Red Panda Pemba

Red Panda receives rare blood transfusion

Adelaide Zoo Vets perform rare blood transfusion to save Pemba’s life The Adelaide Zoo Animal Health Centre has performed a rare medical procedure on our eight-year-old Red Panda, Pemba, in a bid to save his life. Pemba has been given…

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Obi - from Melbourne Zoo

Special delivery on its way to Adelaide Zoo!

There’s a new little face heading to Adelaide Zoo soon – Obi the Pygmy Hippopotamus! The ten-month-old male calf won’t be transferred to Adelaide Zoo until May, but Zoos Victoria Keepers have already begun the process of making sure that…

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Elephant House Pygmy Hippo Skeleton

Africa invades the Elephant House

Hurry in to Adelaide Zoo to check out the latest inhabitants of Elephant House For more than 20 years, a group of dedicated Adelaide Zoo volunteers have been helping to unravel the wonders of the animal kingdom. The Cadaver Corps volunteer group plays…

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Fu Ni (7)

Giant Panda Breeding Update

Big steps on the journey to motherhood for Fu Ni Based on scientific evidence and behavioural observations, the window has now passed during which time Adelaide Zoo’s Giant Panda Fu Ni would be expected to have given birth. This means…

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Unravelling the Panda Pregnancy Mystery

As all of Adelaide waits with baited breath to find out if Giant Panda Fu Ni is pregnant, the use of ultrasound examinations, progesterone testing and closely monitoring behavioural and physical changes will help Adelaide Zoo crack the panda pregnancy…

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Panda Comp

Calling all Panda Lovers!

Have you always dreamt of having your very own pet Panda? Well how about the next best thing – naming two adorable panda cubs from China and visiting them in their birthplace! Pandamonium is set to sweep the globe with…

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Adelaide Zoo Bird Breeding Success 2015

One of our biggest successes this breeding season was with the Swift Parrots. We have fledged nine chicks with still another two young ones sitting in nest boxes. These birds have also been a part of a very interesting ‘cross-fostering’…

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Tomkay Turns One!

There’ll be a lot of monkey business happening around Adelaide Zoo today as the Hamadryas Baboons prepare to celebrate a very special occasion, the first birthday of the troop’s youngest and cheekiest baboon, Tomkay. Proud parents Chappi and Horus have…

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Meet the Keepers – Panda Keeper Lucy

Name: Lucy How long have you been at Adelaide Zoo and what animals do you work with? I started volunteering at Adelaide Zoo in 2008, and started working in the Children’s Zoo in 2009. I predominantly work with the Giant…

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