Adelaide Zoo

Sumatran Tiger cubs snuggled together on wooden structure

Wild Beginnings at the zoo

Saturday 13 – Sunday 28 April

Did you know that giraffe calves can stand and walk within just a few hours of being born, or that Sumatran Tigers are born with a special covering over their eyes, kind of a like a blanket, to protect them?

These school holidays, explore the wild world of baby animals. From fluffy chicks hatching from their eggs to tiny cubs exploring their surroundings, the baby stage is a time of discovery.

Learn how different species at the zoo embark on their first adventures and what it takes for them to grow big and strong!

Special free activities

Evelyn Roth Echidna Nylon Zoo

Tuesday 23 and Friday 26 April
9.30am – 4.30pm

Twirl, swoop and dance in costume at the Nylon Zoo, an imaginative and playful experience where children dress up in hand crafted costumes, go for a parade and listen to a story in a giant inflatable echidna.

Each sessions are free and run for approximately 20 minutes.

Conversation with a keeper

Tuesday 16 and Friday 19 April

Bring your little ones to meet one of our dedicated zoo keepers in a Q&A session all about baby animals. Located in the Rotunda, bring the family along to find out all about the early stages of life for different species and how we care for them.

Free Flight Bird Show

11.30am daily on the Central Lawn

Throw out a picnic rug and get the whole family involved in this exciting presentation as a range of species like the Barking Owl and Blue and Gold Macaw soar over your heads.