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Sumatran Tiger lying down on forest floor with another Sumatran Tiger peeking out from behind green leaves
Sumatran Tiger lying on forest floor with paw on top of another Sumatran Tiger's leg as they rest their head against a tree
Sumatran Tiger lying down on forest floor

See the stripy tiger cubs!

Are you absolutely wild about big cats? Tour the Immersion rainforest before the zoo opens and watch Delilah’s bouncy Sumatran Tiger trio – the first ever cubs born at Adelaide Zoo – pounce and play as they wake up for the day.

The cubs are growing fast and feisty, often spotted rolling around with each other and nibbling mum’s tail. This is your exclusive chance to see the cubs in a small and private group, while supporting the conservation of these beautiful animals. Listen out for their little chuffs and growls!

Ask all your tiger questions as you discover the other amazing animals of Adelaide Zoo! Then finish your adventure with morning tea at Wisteria Café.

Please note the minimum age for this experience is 6 years.

Highlights of this experience

  • Watch the tiger cubs pounce and play as they explore their habitat
  • Finish the morning with the freedom to explore the beautiful botanical surrounds of the zoo

Sumatran Tigers have webbing between their toes, which makes them good swimmers.

The stripe pattern is found on a tiger’s skin and, if shaved, its distinctive pattern would remain.

How your ticket helps our conservation efforts

The Sumatran Tiger is the last surviving subspecies of tiger in Indonesia with only 300 to 500 wild Sumatran Tigers remaining due to habitat destruction and poaching for the illegal wildlife trade.

The destruction of the Sumatran Tiger’s habitat through cultivation into palm oil plantations has seen their range and prey greatly reduce and numbers dwindle to a critically endangered level. As a conservation charity, Zoos SA supports the global transition to Certified Sustainable Palm Oil and works with on-ground conservation groups including Wildlife Asia.

The birth of cubs is a significant moment in conservation of the Sumatran Tigers, and Delilah and Kemabli’s cubs are vital to ensuring strong genetics in the breeding program for the species.

By participating in the Tiger and Friends experience, you are not only supporting the critically-endangered Sumatran Tigers in our care, you’re also helping us raise awareness and funds to safeguard their wild cousins.

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