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With COVID-19 restrictions easing, some of our animal experiences are open and available to book again. Date-specific tickets to all other experiences are currently suspended until further notice, but you can still purchase a non-date specific voucher.

 These experiences are operating again and open for you to book a date-specific ticket

Voucher Only These experiences are currently suspended, but you can still purchase a non-date-specific voucher

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Experience the thrill of hand feeding our Giant Pandas, mingling with our meerkats or feeding a hungry tiger their meaty lunch… plus much more! Adelaide Zoo offers exciting opportunities for you to get even closer to some of your favourite animal friends. Let your emotions run wild during one of our interactive behind the scenes experiences.

(Accessibility and Fitness Level Definitions)

Meerkat Encounter

Get up close to our mischievous meerkats as they run over your lap in search of tasty treats.

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Giraffe Feed

Come face-to-face with a ginormous giraffe as they wrestle a carrot from your hands.

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Panda and Friends

Watch our Giant Pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni welcome the day and join our Red Panda duo for breakfast.

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Tiger Encounter

Come eye-to-eye with a Sumatran Tiger and hand feed them a meaty treat.

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Tortoise Encounter

Get the exclusive opportunity to hand feed our gorgeous Aldabra tortoise, Aonika!

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Koala Encounter

Go behind the scenes and hang with our beautiful koala duo, Sophie and Louise!

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Penguins In Person

Join us for a trip to Adelaide Zoo’s Penguin Beach and help feed our hilarious colony of Little Penguins!

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Junior Keeper

Spend the morning learning all about animal care and assisting the Variety Children’s Zoo keepers.

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VIP Panda

Experience the exclusive opportunity to hand feed our Giant Pandas, Wang Wang and Fu Ni.

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Lemur Encounter

Get up close and personal with our adorable Ring-tailed Lemurs as they tuck into breakfast on your lap!

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Lion Encounter

Hand feed our hungry African Lions their meaty lunch and feel their excited snarls reverberate through your chest.

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Tree Kangaroo Encounter

Hand feed our adorable Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroos and learn all about their life high up in the trees.

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Squirrel Monkey Encounter

Follow a primate keeper into our Squirrel Monkey exhibit and help feed these playful primates their lunch.

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Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby Encounter

Meet the most colourful of all the kangaroo family, our Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies as they eat out of your hands.

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Keeper For A Day

From preparing the animals’ feed to cleaning enclosures and visiting off limits areas, experience life as a zoo keeper.

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Meet The Primates

Get up close to the likes of our tiny tamarins, awe-inspiring orangutans and mischievous Hamadryas Baboon troop!

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Big Cat Interactive

Feed our hungry cats and experience the thrill of looking an African Lion or Sumatran Tiger in the eye.

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Inspect An Insect

Experience a world where tiny creatures rule! Inspect (and maybe even hold!) our fascinating stick insects.

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Accessibility and Fitness Levels

Basic: Basic terrain, suitable for all fitness levels*.

Intermediate: Walking upstairs, getting in and out of high vehicles and walking on uneven terrain; suitable for intermediate fitness levels.

Advanced: All day tour, which includes laborious work, getting in and out of high vehicles, walking upstairs and walking on uneven terrain; suitable for Advance Fitness levels.

* Not all basic Behind the Scenes are wheelchair friendly.

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