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Woman in a yellow jumper holding feeding tool out to Red Panda perched in a lush green tree
Woman in a yellow jumper holding feeding tool out to Red Panda perched in a lush green tree
Red Panda perched on tree branch gripping fruit in paw with crumbs on chin
Woman in a yellow jumper holding feeding tool out to Red Panda perched in a lush green tree

Feed morning tea to one of Adelaide Zoo’s russet Red Pandas

Join the panda keepers in the Bamboo Forest and to feed the zoo’s smallest panda a tasty treat.

During the exclusive experience, you’ll go into the Red Panda habitat, hear all about this incredible and endangered animal, and learn the inside scoop on zoo residents Ravi and Mishry.

Red Pandas are found in the wild in the Himalayas and south-western China, and spend most of their lives in trees, their main source of food is bamboo but they also eat a variety of fruits, leaves and eggs. Unfortunately wild populations are declining, with habitat loss due to human developments being one of the biggest contributors to the species endangerment.

Please note, Red Pandas Mishry and Ravi are part of the regional breeding program and we’re thrilled that plans are underway for introductions and breeding in 2024. During breeding season, some experience times are unavailable and we thank you for your understanding and best breeding wishes.

Please note the minimum age for this experience is 8 years.

This experience takes place within the Red Panda habitat and requires walking over uneven and steep ground.

Highlights of this experience

  • Go behind the scenes and enter the Red Panda habitat
  • Small and intimate encounter
  • Ask the panda keepers all your questions
  • Contribute to critical conservation work

Despite their name, Red Pandas are more closely related to raccoons than Giant Pandas. They are sometimes called ‘the original panda’ or ‘first panda’ as they were identified by zoologists nearly 50 years ahead of Giant Pandas.

How your ticket helps our conservation efforts

Red Pandas are native to mountain forests in Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar and Nepal. The biggest threat to the declining population is habitat loss and fragmentation.

Zoos SA supports Red Pandas in the wild by partnering with the Red Panda Network, a world leader in efforts to save Red Pandas. The Red Panda Network’s holistic approach focuses on protecting native habitat and promoting sustainable livelihoods for the people who live alongside them. By getting up close to Ravi, you are not only supporting the beautiful pandas home to Adelaide Zoo, you’re also helping to raise awareness and funds to protect the species and their wild habitats.

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