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Meerkats eating treats off visitor's laps during Meerkat Encounter at Adelaide Zoo
Meerkats eating treats off visitor's laps during Meerkat Encounter at Adelaide Zoo
Meerkat encounter at Adelaide Zoo

Mingle with our mischievous mob of meerkats

Mingle with our inquisitive Meerkat mob in this fun and interactive experience. Join a dedicated keeper in our Meerkats’ exhibit, get up close to these adorable animals as they run over your lap in search of tasty mealworm treats.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about these fascinating creatures, why not do it over breakfast – Meerkat style!

Our Meerkat group is very social and always has one or two sentries on duty keeping watch over the rest of the group. Meerkats by nature are very inquisitive and enjoy exploring new things, especially enrichment items designed to keep the group physically and mentally stimulated. And what better form of enrichment than human visitors with tasty treats!

Highlights of this experience

  • Find yourself in the middle of our Meerkat mob
  • Feel the weight of these adorable animals as they jump onto your lap to eat wriggly mealworms

Meerkats have a unique ability to keep dirt out of their ears while they burrow into the ground – they can shut them! What’s more? The dark bands around their eyes act like a pair of sunglasses, helping to reduce glare from the sun.

How your ticket helps our conservation efforts

By purchasing a ticket to our Meerkat Encounter at Adelaide Zoo, you are not only supporting the incredible species in our care, you’re also helping us raise awareness and valuable funds to safeguard their wild cousins. Part of the income generated from our Animal Experiences contributes to the work Zoos SA does in support of a wide number of conservation programs both within and beyond our gates.

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