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Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby being fed from hand at Adelaide Zoo
Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby being fed from young woman at Adelaide Zoo
Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby being fed from hand at Adelaide Zoo

Please note, Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby Encounter is unavailable until further notice.

Meet the lovable wallabies!

How much do you know about Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies? The most colourful of all the kangaroo family, these little guys will steal your heart with their beautiful colourings and super sweet faces.

Join our knowledgeable keepers in the wallabies’ exhibit and learn all about the plight of Yellow-foots in the wild and their role in a vital cross-fostering program for other wallaby species.

What’s more? All this will be happening while you watch the cuties eat out of your hands.

Please note the minimum age for this experience is 6 years.

Highlights of this experience

  • Go into the exhibit and hand feed the Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies
  • Learn more about their role in a vital cross-fostering program

The Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby inhabits rocky outcrops and caves in semi-arid country.

Two decades ago, Zoos SA embarked on a historic journey to bring the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby back to the wilds of Australia. We’re proud to say, two decades on, the wild wallaby population is holding strong, with a stable population estimated at around 40 animals in Aroona.

How your ticket helps our conservation efforts

Once found throughout the Flinders Ranges, north-west NSW and south-west QLD, Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies are now restricted to a range of approximately 1,000 square kilometres.

Intensive hunting, habitat destruction and predation by foxes and feral cats have resulted in a drop in population to around 2,000 individuals in South Australia, while in New South Wales there are as few as 20 to 250 animals remaining.

By purchasing a ticket to the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby Encounter at Adelaide Zoo, you are not only supporting the incredible species in our care, you’re also helping us raise awareness and valuable funds to safeguard their wild cousins. Part of the income generated from our Animal Experiences contributes to the work Zoos SA does in support of a wide number of conservation programs, just like the one for Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies both within and beyond our gates.

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