Adelaide Zoo

Become a mini zoo keeper!

Are you a kid who loves animals? Always wondered if you have what it takes to be a zoo keeper?

Spend the morning learning all about animal care and assisting the knowledgeable Variety Children’s Zoo keepers.

Feed, interact with and get up close to some incredible animals like goats, guinea pigs, rabbits and Little Penguins.

Please note the minimum age for this experience is 8 years.

Highlights of this experience

  • Spend the morning with a keeper learning how to care for a wide range of animals.
  • Get up close to your favourite creatures as you help clean the animals’ exhibits and prepare their breakfast.

Although Little Penguins can’t fly, their wings have evolved into powerful flippers, making them the most efficient swimmers of all bird species.

How your ticket helps our conservation efforts

Once abundant across Australia, Quokkas are threatened in the wild by feral animals like foxes and cats, habitat loss and bushfires. Today, the Quokka population is restricted to the south-west region of Western Australia, most notably off the Perth coast on Rottnest Island.

By purchasing a ticket to Junior Keeper at Adelaide Zoo, you are not only supporting the incredible species in our care, you’re also helping us raise awareness and valuable funds to safeguard their wild cousins. Part of the income generated from our Animal Experiences contributes to the work Zoos SA does in support of a wide number of conservation programs both within and beyond our gates.

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