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Hand feed Obi, the lovable Pygmy Hippopotamus!

Smaller than a common hippopotamus, Obi the Pygmy Hippo is a cheeky chap who loves to swim, wallow in his mud bath and roll around in hay. This hefty herbivore weighs around 250kg thanks to his healthy appetite for vegetables, leafy greens and hay.

This is your chance to go behind the scenes to see Obi’s chompers up close! Hand feed him some tasty treats and ask all your hippo-related questions to a dedicated ungulate keeper.

See Obi’s gorgeous little ears wiggle, his tail swish and watch his impressive jaw munch through lunch.

Obi loves exploring new things, especially enrichment designed to keep him physically and mentally stimulated – and what better form of enrichment than human visitors with tasty treats!

Please note the minimum age for this experience is 10 years.

Highlights of this experience

  • Hand feed a Pygmy Hippo
  • Go behind the scenes to get up close to Obi
  • Small group – great opportunity to ask questions
  • Learn all about hippos in the wild, our conservation efforts and how YOU can help

This little hippo is a herbivorous animal which means it consumes different types of plant matter in order to acquire all of the nutrients it needs to survive. Its diet consists mainly of succulents, tender shoots, leaves, roots, grasses, aquatic plants and fallen fruit.

How your ticket helps our conservation efforts

By taking part in the Pygmy Hippo Encounter at Adelaide Zoo, you are not only supporting the incredible species in our care, you’re also helping us raise awareness and valuable funds to safeguard their wild cousins. Part of the income generated from our Animal Experiences contributes to the work Zoos SA does in support of a wide number of conservation programs both within and beyond our gates.

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