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Oh my Hippopotami – it’s World Hippo Day!

Oh my hippopotami – It’s World Hippo Day!

Hippo hippo hooray! Today, 15 February, is World Hippo Day.

While both species of hippo are grey, barrel-shaped and bounce along the bottom of rivers, lakes and swamps, the Nile Hippopotamus and the Pygmy Hippopotamus couldn’t be further apart when it comes to size.

Weighing in at about one sixth of the size of a Nile Hippo, Obi, the Pygmy Hippopotamus who resides at Adelaide Zoo, does his best to keep up with the big girls at Monarto Safari Park.

Petite but portly Obi packs a punch when it comes to munching through his food as keeper Jemma Cleere confirmed.

“Obi loves his food. He’s very food motivated. So, to mark Wold Hippo Day, he received a hefty amount of healthy treats suited to a hungry hippo,” said Jemma.000“Obi got all of his favourite foods such as sweet potato, pumpkin, mint, parsley and Mirror bush.

“What do I love about working with Obi? He’s very inquisitive, adventurous and I love his little earflaps. He engages well with enrichment, which is important for his welfare. He loves puzzle balls and hanging browse. He also engages really with keepers and visitors so benefits from taking part in the Pygmy Hippo Lunchtime experience,” finished Jemma.

Classified as endangered in 2015, habitat loss is the biggest threat to the Pygmy Hippo population. Scientists currently estimate that there are less than 2,500 adults remaining in the wild.

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