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Black-and-white Colobus Birth

Adelaide Zoo is thrilled to announce the pitter patter of paws has grown with a special new arrival.

On Monday 27 November a Black-and-white Colobus was born.

Senior Keeper of Primates at Adelaide Zoo, Pij Olijnyk, said mum Zamba and her little one are doing well, spending time suckling and bonding.

“All signs are looking positive and the infant is suckling and clinging to mum’s chest.

“In a colobus group females share carrying an infant, and we’ve already seen carrying duties of the little one shared between Zamba and her sister Adale.

“Black-and-white Colobus are actually born completely white before developing their black markings as they grow, so the infant is very easy to spot!” said Pij.

This is the second Black-and-white Colobus born at Adelaide Zoo, with Jamila born on 30 January 2023.

Black-and-white Colobus populations are under threat, making this healthy newborn all the more special. Each birth is a positive step forward in the conservation of species and Zoos SA is proud to play a major role in regional breeding programs.

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