Adelaide Zoo

Ice, ice, fishy – Adelaide Zoo animals beat the heat with tasty treats

What better way to cool down than with a fish-filled ice-block?

That’s the way the Meerkats at Adelaide Zoo kept their cool today at Adelaide Zoo! Along with their fishy treats, the carnivorous mob were given ice blood pops to lick, scratch and sniff.

Giant Panda, Wang Wang, also cooled off his paws with an ice bath scented with bubble gum and pine and filled with panda cake and apple.

Meanwhile, Ziggy the Rhino Iguana was spoilt with a relaxing afternoon spa bath from his keepers.

As temperatures soar, the zoo’s dedicated keepers make sure all of the animals that call the zoo home beat the heat with refreshing enrichment including misters, baths, ice blocks and shaded areas in their exhibits.

Senior Keeper of Pandas, Laura Trollope, said enrichment is a great way to keep both zoo animals and your pets at home cool and mentally stimulated.

“We were very excited to give Wang Wang an ice bath as it was the first time I had seen him with this type of enrichment,” she said.

“He loves different scents, so we added some of his favourite smells and while hesitant at first, he was soon cooling off his fur in the ice with the help of an ice bath picnic.

“Ice is a great way you can keep pets at home cool too! Freeze some healthy treats with water to make a yummy snack that they can scratch, sniff and chew.

“Not only will this help during the hot weather but it will keep them mentally happy and healthy as they explore their frozen snack!”

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