New kids on the block at Adelaide Zoo

Our dedicated Children’s Zoo keepers are excited to announce the recent birth of three adorable goat kids!

Amazingly all born on the same day, August 26, to mums Kiwi, Pippi and Millie, the three tiny kids have been delighting keepers and visitors alike as they explore the world around them and learn from their parents the exact art of being a goat.

Adelaide Zoo goat kids
Meet Gizmo!

The adorable hoofed trio is made up of brown-and-white-patched Gizmo, little white Kasper and a chestnut-coloured youngster with the nickname Rusty.

The three bubs are half-brothers who share their dad, Jasper.

After birth, Gizmo and Rusty were the most boisterous of the bunch, while Kasper needed a little help from his mum and keepers.

We’re pleased to report Kasper is now doing well and catching up to his brothers quickly.

Keepers have noticed Gizmo is growing in confidence the fastest, with him often hopping up onto keepers’ laps and touching his nose to theirs – a very special kind of goaty kiss!

Right now, the inquisitive boys are busy checking out all the new sounds and smells of Children’s Zoo under the careful watch of their doting mothers.

Once they’ve grown up a little and have settled in, they will join the rest of the Children’s Zoo group in the petting zoo area.

Their three mothers are a tight-knit team, having been together since birth.

Pippi and Millie were born at Adelaide Zoo in 2013, and Kiwi the following year in 2014.

Adelaide Zoo goat kids

Dad Jasper was born in Queensland and made the journey to Adelaide Zoo in 2012.

Goats are highly intelligent animals who, to ensure they stay happy and mentally stimulated, receive daily fun enrichment from their keepers.

One of their favourite things is to try and extract treats from a specially-made barrel filled with holes.

The clever goats will roll it around until the tasty morsels fall out.

They also love playing on balance beams and seesaws, a great way to ensure they regularly exercise their fantastic balance skills.

You can watch our adorable goat trio explore in the comfort of the Children’s Zoo barn at Adelaide Zoo.

Be quick though – they don’t stay this little for long! And while you’re at it, make sure to visit our other adorable babies like our bouncing Hamadryas Baboon bub.


Welcome to the world little cuties! 🦁 Head to for more info. 😍

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