Adelaide Zoo animals keep cool as temperatures soar

Summer’s finally here and the weather is scorching!

With the temperatures climbing, Adelaide Zoo keepers have pulled out all the stops to ensure our feathered, scaly and furry residents stay cool.

From enjoying a refreshing bath to snacking on delicious ice treats, hot weather enrichment is as

Delicious pilchard ice blocks

much of a treat for visitors as it is for the animals.

Yesterday, cheeky Asian small-clawed otter duo Bao and Kalaya started their day with some frozen pilchard ice blocks.

Male otter Bao used the pool to melt down the ice and eat his fish, whereas female Kalaya enjoyed the icy treat hidden among the rocks.

But enrichment doesn’t always involve food!

Aldabra Giant Tortoise Aonika was pampered with a refreshing tortoise-friendly bubble bath.

Tortoise-friendly bubbles help cool Aonika down.

The 42-year-old female loves having a scratch, both on her skin and through her big shell. But it’s an extra special treat for her to enjoy a bath.

Our dedicated keepers incorporate varied and engaging enrichment programs into each of our animal’s daily routines.

Hot weather enrichment allows our animals to stay cool while also being mentally stimulated and challenged, based on their natural behaviours and instincts.


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