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Panda party for Adelaide Zoo’s favourite red rascal

Everyone’s favourite rascal Red Panda, Ravi, turns eight tomorrow!

The birthday boy had an early panda party celebration today complete with colourfully-decorated enrichment filled with bamboo shoots, grapes, pear and sweet potato.

Keeper, Jemma Cleere, said to make Ravi’s celebration extra fun, she put together a “party pool” filled with colourful balls, apple and his favourite snack, corn.

“We definitely wanted to spoil the birthday boy this morning, we all love him here at Adelaide Zoo,” she said.

“He had a sleep-in curled up in his favourite nook in the tree, this was also his mum’s favourite spot to sleep, before heading down to check out all of his gifts.

“It was so fun to see him interact with the balls and snacks – enrichment is so important for species like the Red Panda as it keeps them happy and healthy and they can use natural behaviours to scratch, sniff, dig and forage as they would in the wild.”

Ravi was born at Adelaide Zoo in 2015 to mum, Imandari, before moving to Australia Zoo. He returned to his home town in August, 2022.

Jemma said the birthday boy will soon get an extra special treat – an introduction to four-year-old female Red Panda, Mishry.

“We are working through our plans for introductions at the moment with the hope that we will hear the pitter-patter of little cub paws in the future,” she said.

“This will be a significant moment for the conservation of the species as these beautiful pandas are endangered and threatened with extinction in the wild.”

There are fewer than 10,000 Red Pandas left in the eastern Himalayas and south-western China with the species facing major threats including habitat loss and poaching.

To support these gorgeous furry friends and Zoos SA’s conservation efforts both here and abroad, you can take part in a Panda and Friends Experience or adopt a Red Panda at Adelaide Zoo.

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