Adelaide Zoo

Cub cam cuteness! Delilah prepares den for cub arrival

All mums know the challenge of getting comfy in your third trimester – including six-year-old tigress Delilah!

Adelaide Zoo is purring with excitement for the impending birth of Sumatran Tiger cubs, with the den cam up and running ready to capture the special moment.

While everyone crosses their paws in anticipation, the cam has captured cute footage the mum-to-be and her belly getting comfy in the straw.

Assistant Curator of Carnivores, Chad Crittle, said it’s only matter time before the pitter-patter of paws is heard at the zoo.

“Delilah is now spending more time in her den, which adjoins her dayroom and outdoor habitat. The den replicates the space that she would create to give birth in the wild,” Chad said.

“Our dedicated keeping team have been looking the cameras every three hours to check in on her and monitor her movements. Her behaviour is definitely telling us the moment is getting close – the countdown is on!”

The birth of any Sumatran Tiger is significant as they are critically endangered with less than 400 left in the wild. Plus with the historic commitment at the COP15 UN biodiversity summit signed just this morning to protect the the earth’s ecosystems and halt species extinction, the sentiment for conservation has never been stronger.

And the protection of this special tiger species is just one of 26 conservation programs you can lend a paw to this Christmas.

As part of their 12 days of conservation Christmas appeal, Zoos SA would love your support to ensure the survival of threatened species and contribute to on-ground conservation efforts.

A donation of just $20 will help Zoos SA support on-ground conservation programs TRAFFIC and Wildlife Asia (which supports the The International Tiger Project), that protect tiger populations through patrols and community education in Sumatra.

Plus a donation in a loved ones name makes the perfect feel-good gift to put under the Christmas tree!

To go with that warm fuzzy feeling of donations to conservation, supporters can also download a gift card, fun conservation-themed sing-a-long and conservation decoration for their own tree at home.

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