Health check for African Lion Mujambi

Today, Adelaide Zoo’s veterinary team performed a general health check on 11-year-old African Lion Mujambi. The health check was performed under general anaesthetic in the Animal Health Centre and allowed the veterinary team to get up-close to the apex-predator. Adelaide Zoo…

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A gorgeous gibbon baby for Adelaide Zoo!

Christmas has come early at Adelaide Zoo with the arrival of a critically endangered White-cheeked Gibbon baby! Born in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, 10 December, the three-day old infant is the fourth offspring born to parents Viet…

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Say hello to our newest miniature marsupial

Adelaide Zoo has welcomed a miniature marsupial to the wild family! At four and a half months old, Geronimo the Squirrel Glider joey weighs just 195 grams, but isn’t far off being fully grown! The pint-sized possum is destined to become an important ambassador for…

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Looking for a unique gift? We’ve just launched a Rhino Express experience. Visitors will come eye to eye with Ibuth…

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