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Medical check-up for Mandrill at Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide Zoo vet team gave Tabah the Mandrill a thorough physical examination when he visited the Animal Health Centre today!

This morning, the 14-year-old male underwent a general anesthetic while vets gave him a  health check, took comprehensive blood tests, X-rayed his chest, pelvis and bones and completed dental X-Rays.

Zoos South Australia Veterinarian Sarah Alexander said while Tabah was looking very healthy, he did have a few dental issues that needed attention.

“All of the animals at Zoos SA undergo periodic health checks to ensure they get the quality care they deserve and we’re pleased to see Tabah is looking quite well,” Sarah said.

“During the check we did find he has some worn teeth which needed some work and we took extensive dental X-rays to give us more information.

“Based on these, Tabah will be visiting the special vet dentist very soon!”

Tabah was born at Melbourne Zoo in 2005 and arrived to his home at Adelaide Zoo in 2008.

As the dominant male in our mandrill horde, Tabah has fathered three young, two of which still live here at Adelaide Zoo.

In the wild, mandrills live in large family groups called hordes, which can reach up to 845 individuals. As omnivores, they eat mainly fruits, leaves, seeds, eggs and invertebrates.

Sadly, mandrills are classified as vulnerable in the wild due to deforestation and hunting for bush meat.

They are the world’s most colourful primate and have become more well-known in the media thanks to popular character Rafiki from The Lion King.

With lions, hyenas, meerkats and more, animal-lovers can find all their favourite Lion King characters in real life at both Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo!


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