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Getting Kimya ready for her new home

If you’ve visited Adelaide Zoo lately, you might have seen some fascinating training sessions taking place in our Giraffe House.

We’re currently undertaking training with Kimya, our fifteen-year-old Giraffe, to get her ready for her move to her new home in Sydney.

To get there, Kimya will travel in a giraffe-sized trailer, which you can currently see in the yard of the Giraffe House.

Giraffes are very cautious animals so keepers are doing all they can to work with Kimya to make sure she feels comfortable going into the trailer, a new space to her, and that she will remain comfortable in the trailer throughout her 36-hour journey to her new home.

While Kimya is becoming more confident and progress to get her used to the trailer she’ll be travelling in is being made, it is progressing far slower than we had anticipated and would like.

Rest assured, Kimya’s welfare and wellbeing remains our primary concern and we’re continuing to make sure she has all the enrichment and attention she needs as she overcomes her timidness.

At the moment, she is receiving up to 10 training sessions every day and continues to show positive signs towards the trailer.

Our dedicated keepers and veterinary team are monitoring Kimya’s physical and mental health to make sure she remains happy and healthy.

As much as we’d love Kimya to be settled in her new home by now, it’s vital we make sure the transfer is a positive experience and don’t rush her.

We’re sure you can imagine that transporting an animal the size of a giraffe isn’t an easy feat and we thank you for your ongoing support while we do what’s best for Kimya.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated on further progress and hopefully Kimya can settle into her new home really soon.


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