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Easter comes early for Giant Pandas at Adelaide Zoo

Giant Pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni were in for an eggs-travaganza this afternoon as their keepers spoilt them with extra special treats to celebrate Easter.

Adelaide Zoo’s dedicated keepers and amazing BEEZA (Behavioural and Environmental Enrichment for Zoo Animals) volunteer team have been busy preparing some colourful animal-friendly gifts for the pandas to enjoy.

Today, those gifts were filled with the pandas’ favourite treats and delivered to them by some special Easter Bilby assistants – our keeping team.

Wang Wang enjoyed boxes filled with special panda cake, fruit and his favourite enrichment of smelly sawdust.

While Fu Ni also tucked into panda cake and fruits and vegetables, she was treated to a lovely strawberry-scented towel to rub on herself as well.

Our keepers regularly incorporate varied and engaging enrichment programs into each of our animal’s daily routines alongside their regular nutrition and health care.

Enrichment helps our residents to stay mentally and physically stimulated and encourages them to use their natural behaviours and instincts as they would in the wild.

While Adelaide Zoo is closed to the public, visitors were still able to catch the pair tucking into their Easter treats live on Facebook.

Monarto Safari Park also celebrated Easter by yesterday offering viewers a Facebook and Instagram live stream dedicated to a native Easter icon, the Greater Bilby, and the conservation program working to save them.

For regular live streams, videos, photos and updates on the animals, people can head to our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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