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Colobus Crossing opens and it’s a hit with animals and humans!

The full run of the 50m Colobus Crossing at Adelaide Zoo has opened, meaning the Colobus troop can get up to more monkey business.

No sooner was the full length of Colobus Crossing opened than the Colobus rushed along the tunnel, keen to explore the expanse of their new tunnel.

Keepers and teams of our volunteer animal watchers reported the troop were immediately busy and were scampering back and forth and reaching out to grab nearby leaves. The black and white monkeys were so keen to move, they even sped past each other in opposite directions, zooming along the tunnels to get a good look at everything going on around them.

Keepers have trained the Colobus to be recalled from the tunnel using a bell.

Colobus Crossing extends from the Colobus habitat, across the pathway and along a stretch of the northern part of the main lawn. This new installation is a great enrichment activity for our Colobus and offers visitors a unique vantage point.

Colobus have been aggressively hunted for their beautiful fur and are rapidly losing their habitats. Having Colobus at Adelaide Zoo educates people about this species, their plight in the wild and to will help to save them from extinction.


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