Birthday bonanza at Adelaide Zoo

This week, Adelaide Zoo celebrated a baboon and lion birthday!

16-year-old Chappi grooms Horus.

We kicked off our birthday bonanza with the Hamadryas Baboon troop when female Chappi turned 16-years-old!

Even though it was her special day, Chappi was spotted giving the rest of the troop – male Horus and their two sons Tomkay and Djibouti – a good grooming as usual.

Chappi was born at Adelaide Zoo in 2003 and was introduced to the now 19-year-old Horus when he arrived in 2010.

Our beautiful Chappi is an incredible mother, and has proven to be a competent and relaxed member of the troop.

Then, the celebrations rolled on when Mujambi the African Lion turned 14-years-old on Tuesday.

Keepers treated this special resident to beautifully wrapped presents which he tore into to reveal some delicious meaty treats. A crowd of adoring fans stopped to watch the birthday boy enjoying his special feast.

Mujambi was born in 2005 at Mogo Zoo and moved to his current home at Adelaide in 2007.

Our dedicated keepers incorporate varied and engaging enrichment programs into each of our animal’s daily routines – but birthdays are extra special!

Birthday enrichment allows our keepers to celebrate their animal friends, while the animals enjoy mental stimulation and challenges based on their natural behaviours and instincts.

Want to turn Chappi and Mujambi’s birth-day into a birth-week? Race on in to celebrate with them this weekend!


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