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Animal Facts

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    Ara ararauna
  • Conservation

    Least Concern

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Meet the colourful macaws!

Adelaide Zoo’s majestic Blue and Gold Macaw Manu was born in 2001, arriving at Adelaide Zoo in February 2002.

He’s been delighting visitors for more than 10 years during his spectacular Free Flight Show in which he glides around the central lawn showing off his amazing aerial skills.

Highly intelligent, he has a great relationship with keepers and thoroughly enjoys his fly time. His all-time favourite treats are peanuts, banana and sunflower seeds.

The Blue and Gold Macaw is a large parrot species that inhabits the forests and woodland of tropical South America.

This macaw species is highly intelligent and can be taught to perform a variety of activities, including learning to talk. The species is also known to mate for life

Like many rainforest dwelling animals, the macaw is threatened by habitat loss and poaching for the illegal wildlife trade.

Love Blue and Gold Macaws? Join our efforts to ensure macaws stay a beat ahead of extinction! There are many ways you can help support these colourful creatures! 

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