Asian Small-clawed Otter

Meet our charismatic otters! Adelaide Zoo is home to two otterly adorable Asian Small-clawed Otters, Kalaya and Bao. Bao was born on 7 July 2012 at Perth Zoo and moved to Adelaide Zoo in 2013. Kalaya was born on 17…

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Red Panda

Meet our fluffy pandas! Adelaide Zoo is home to two Red Pandas – Imandari and Ketan. Imandari was born on 31 December 2006 at Adelaide Zoo. She tends to be quite shy, however her confidence has grown since becoming a…

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White-cheeked Gibbon

Meet our gorgeous gibbons! Adelaide Zoo is home to a family group of White-cheeked Gibbons. Dad, Rhemus was born on 26 June 1996 at Zoo Duisburg, Germany, arriving at Adelaide Zoo in August 2006. He’s a wonderful father and very…

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Meet our soulful siamangs! Adelaide Zoo is home to a family of three siamangs who live on their leafy Southeast Asian island habitat. Dominant male, Niran was born on 24 June 1989. He can be recognised by his distinct grey hair and…

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Sumatran Tiger

Meet our majestic tigers! Adelaide Zoo is home to three incredible Sumatran Tigers. Assiqua is our eldest tiger. Born on 18 May 1999 at Les Felins d’Auneau, France, this special girl arrived at Adelaide Zoo in December 2007. Assiqua is a…

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Sumatran Orangutan

Meet our intriguing orangutans! Kluet, the zoo’s male orang-utan was born on 18 July 1995 at Jersey Zoo in the UK, arriving at Adelaide Zoo in May 2007. Kluet exhibits the defining characteristics of a large adult male orangutan, with…

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Giant Panda

Meet our proud pandas! Wang Wang and Fu Ni are Australasia’s only breeding pair of Giant Pandas. Wang Wang (Net Net) was born on 31 August 2005 and Fu Ni (Lucky Girl) on 23 August 2006 both at Woolong Giant…

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