Gibbon - K Maunder

Gibbon family to grow!

We’re excited to let everyone know that very soon, we’ll be welcoming another adorable White-cheeked Gibbon to the Adelaide Zoo family! Experienced parents Viet and Rhemus are expecting their third offspring in late November to early December. Critically endangered in…

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Meet our golden child

What’s tiny, golden, fluffy, and totally adorable? The newest addition to the Adelaide Zoo family, a baby Golden Lion-tamarin! Born to proud parents Rio and Aurora on Thursday, 13 October, the yet to be named baby’s routine consists of sleeping…

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Saving the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby

Two decades ago, Zoos SA embarked on a historic journey to bring the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby back to the wilds of Australia. Facing extinction in the wild, in 1994 we began a captive breeding and reintroduction program to prevent the decline…

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Fingers crossed for panda cub

Adelaide Zoo keepers and veterinarians have been busy over the past four days supporting Wang Wang and Fu Ni during their short, yearly reproductive window. Giant Panda reproductive specialist Mr Li of the China Conservation and Research Centre for the…

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Keeping an eye on our animals

Ever wondered how we keep our animals’ eyes in tip-top shape? A specialist eye vet, also known as an Opthalmologist, visits Adelaide and Monarto Zoo regularly to undertake routine eye checks on a range of animals, as well as treating…

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Looking for a unique gift? We’ve just launched a Rhino Express experience. Visitors will come eye to eye with Ibuth…

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Zoos SA is a not-for-profit conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature and save species from extinction.

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