Fingers Crossed!

The Panda Team is excited to announce that Fu Ni ovulated some time between late Monday afternoon and the early hours of Tuesday morning. While the exact time, and level of her oestrogen peak is unknown, we know that behaviourally…

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Outside Introductions Prove Positive

The last few days have been extremely busy for the Panda Team, with introductions starting on Saturday. While we’re monitoring hormone levels through urine samples, behaviour is the best indicator for determining Fu Ni’s receptivity, and therefore whether or not…

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2015 Giant Panda Breeding Season Underway

The 2015 Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda breeding season is currently underway as Fu Ni heads towards the peak of her yearly oestrous cycle. Introductions between Wang Wang and Fu Ni began this morning in the Bamboo Forest. Giant Panda reproductive…

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From Blue to Pink

Yesterday morning saw the physical and behavioural changes in Fu Ni that are consistent with last year’s shift in cytology, indicative of being 5-15 days from ovulation. These suspicions were confirmed yesterday afternoon when cytology results indicated that Fu Ni…

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Countdown to Giant Panda Breeding Season Begins

As the temperature across Adelaide begins to rise, so too have Giant Panda Fu Ni’s hormone levels, marking the official start to the 2015 Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda breeding season. Giant Panda reproductive specialist Professor Tang of the China Conservation…

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Scent Marking and Chirping

The last few days have been very exciting in the panda building as we have seen Fu Ni progress to the next stage of breeding season. The behavioural changes observed have included a significant increase in the number of scent…

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Love is in the Air

Greetings and welcome to our first-ever panda blog! For those of you who are new to Zoos SA, Adelaide Zoo is lucky enough to house the only two Giant Pandas in the southern hemisphere – Wang Wang (meaning Net Net)…

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